How to Find the Best Idea for a Successful New Business July 23, 2013, 1:00pm EDT July 23, 2013, 1:00pm EDT
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If so, like many entrepreneurs, you are probably being advised to look for a market need and then create a product/service to fill that need. That’s because the “build a better mousetrap” philosophy, the Lean Startup movement, and most conventional thinking is that you should start first by thinking about what other people want. But instead, start first by thinking about what YOU want and what makes you happy.  New scientific research shows that happiness is a business advantage – so shouldn’t you consider what you love to do as you plan your new venture?

How do I translate what makes me happy into something that makes money?

Your passion and sense of purpose are the key elements to starting a successful new business. In this webinar, you’ll get practical tips, resources and examples for doing just that.  You’ll learn a variety of concrete ways that you can test the viability of your startup idea to make sure that your new business is poised for long-term success. By the end of the hour, you’ll have everything you need to come up with the best idea for you, based on what you love, to validate it in the marketplace, and then to create a successful business around it.


About the Presenter(s)

 Victoria  Franzese

In her heart, Vicky has always been an entrepreneur.  So after years in the corporate world, she left it all to start a small website about New York City.

How to Find the Best Idea for a Successful New Business