Cheyenne SCORE

Cheyenne SCORE offers free counseling to both start-up and existing small businesses. SCORE can assist with planning, design, problem identification, marketing, customer service, cash management, personnel matters and all other phases of business. Counselors are volunteers who have a wide range of small business experience and mentoring skills. Cheyenne SCORE is a partner with the Better Business Bureau. 


SCORE's business-savvy counselors  provide clients with free and confidential business mentoring. Counseling can be done at the client's place of business, at our chapter headquarters (1651 Carey Ave. Ste. 20, Cheyenne, WY), or by telephone (307-632-1588) or email.

Twice each year, SCORE mentors, together with representatives from the local business community, conduct free educational workshops that provide valuable information and techniques necessary for establishing and managing a successful business. Recent topics covered include: basic business planning, franchising and exit strategies for business owners.

With access to a variety of documents, templates and tools to assist you in starting or growing your business, the information provided here covers a wide range of subjects including initial business planning, capital sources, government agencies, and much more.